We Stick Together

Seasoned Industry Veterans

Since 1935, Kraft Chemical Company has been committed to our customers and partners. We pride ourselves on having a diverse inventory that allows us to meet the needs of customers – from specialty to commodity.

It is this diversity along with a shared passion for getting every detail right, which allows Kraft Chemical to be a leader in the industry.

We place the highest value on the enduring nature of our customer relationships, the quality of our products and services and the continuity and integrity of our people. Kraft Chemical is dedicated to every customer’s success. This demands we continually strive to innovate and grow both our people and our products. We use our research in assisting customers to solve their most challenging problems and unique opportunities. Our goal is to deliver products that meet our high standards and exceed your expectations, on time, every time.

“By following our guiding principles of Samples, Quotes, Literature, and Innovation, we are able to make continual process improvements for customers.” - Rick Kraft, President
Complete Product Lines Of Nationally Known Brands
There are no missing links in Kraft lines. Everything you need is available here - quickly, competitively - brands from national manufacturers that you know and trust.

In-Depth Warehouse Stock
Virtually all your needs are in stock RIGHT NOW in a Kraft Chemical warehouse close to you. No order is too large or too small - Kraft can handle your requirements from a bag to a carload.

Product Development Assistance
Need technical help in any of a wide variety of industries? Kraft's staff of chemically educated and chemically trained engineers is at your service, without obligation. Our business reputation has been built on personal and professional assistance to our customers.

Specialized Industry Managers
Each major industry product group is headed by an experienced industry manager completely knowledgeable and familiar with the specific industry's needs and requirements. This unique, personalized marketing concept can prove important and beneficial to you.

Import Expertise
Kraft keeps in daily touch with worldwide chemical and metal markets, watching situations that may affect price and/or delivery to its customers. We're "pros" in every sense of the word.

Prompt Quotations and Delivery
Want a quote on any of the several hundred chemicals and supplies we stock? Just call. And because most items are in stock, we can frequently make same-day-as-ordered shipments when required.

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